THIS Christmas at the Fairfield Social Club, GRUB Food Fair is spreading festive cheer and encouraging the spirit of community.

The event, that began on October 27, takes places every Friday and Saturday welcomes everyone to enjoy food, drink and music in a friendly atmosphere.

Located behind Piccadilly Station, it is well hidden. However, upon entering it becomes clear that it already has a large and loyal following.

“People just want to come here and drink really good local beer, in a really nice atmosphere in quite an interesting space”, said Jason Bailey, 37, co-creator of the GRUB Food Fair.

The GRUB Food Fair is also hosting a New Years Eve ‘house party’ at the end of the year.

“Were going for something a bit more laid back, something that’s an alternative to City Centre events that can get a bit hectic.

“We’ve called it a house party, because that’s really the vibe that we’re going for. Everyone will be really friendly… even when it gets really busy in here everyone’s so nice and friendly that it creates a really positive atmosphere.

“We’ll be doing the same thing as usual on New Year’s Eve; bringing everyone together.”

GRUB are also involved with different charities that are close to their hearts: “We try and keep it as local as possible and try to help with things that are definitely effecting Manchester.

“We have our local neighbours Mash, who provide a lot of amazing services for local street workers in this vicinity… but at the same time Manchester obviously has a critical problem with homelessness at the moment so we’ve also become a collecting point for Coffee For Craig and non-perishable goods.

“We’re also doing carol singing with buckets here as part of our event.”

Bailey also mentioned that on Sundays the space becomes the host of a vegan event called Plant Powered Sundays: “We genuinely believe veganism is going to be huge in the future, and very positive thing for the environment and the world.

[pullquote]”On an ethical level we want to start promoting veganism.”[/pullquote]

“We do it on Fridays and Saturdays as well, working with our traders to put more vegan dishes on. At the same time though, as a business, veganism is just becoming huge!”

So, with business thriving at the moment and more and more people turning up this festive season, what exactly does the future hold for the GRUB Food Fair?

“At the moment we are talking to promoters about bringing regular live music in, we’ve got some comedy promoters coming in, we have our own cinema brand, Block cinemas so we’ll be having a regular cinema night; there’s going to be a lot going on under one roof”, continued Bailey.

GRUB Food Fair takes place every Friday and Saturday at the Fairfield Social Club alongside Plant Powered Sunday every Sunday. For tickets to the New Years party follow this link.

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