Britain’s housing crisis has been a political debate for years. But activist from Manchester have decided to take matters into their own hands and look at the main issues surrounding housing.

The Manchester Metropolitan University held an event to discuss the current housing crisis in Manchester, and by creating workshops, they are hoping to get policymakers to come down and discuss what more could be done in order to change the current state of the issue.

People from the local community, academics, activists and young professionals attended workshops to talk about the many number of problems people have when it comes to housing.

One of the organisers, Adam Price, spoke to me regarding the outcome he was hoping to achieve from having held the event: “The aim of this event was to try and get as many different people down and talk about the housing crisis. We wanted to get policy makers down, students, charities and individuals interested in the subject.”

Adam believes that although the issue has become bigger, there is a chance we can find the right solution.

Housing crisis meeting

“We just want there to be an open dialogue, that form of transparency that isn’t happening in local politics at the moment. We know that the people have the solutions in them and they need to be listened to more, so we are thinking about actions, approaching things differently and we are thinking about uniting people together.”Papa Beiden, an activist explained why politicians should pay more attention to this issue.

[pullquote]”We wanted to get policymakers down, students, charities and individuals interested in the subject.”[/pullquote]

“My research looks at UK and national homelessness across the board, and it is growing.”
He continues:
“When we look at the growth population figures, the statistics show that homelessness is growing faster than population growth, which means it is not just natural fallout, there is something wrong with it systemically.”


Housing crisis meeting

Adam hopes that the event can become something which happens more regularity and that more people would join in, in order to raise awareness about the issues different people have when it comes to homelessness and housing.

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