BRENDAN Rendall, who raised £35,354 for a secondary school in Africa will be returning this summer to run coast-to-coast from Namibia to Mozambique.

He will be running 4000 km in three months to raise cash for a boys hostel.

Brendan, 39, from Salford, previously ran 27 marathons in 27 days, completing the full length of Malawi in July 2016. He ran 708 miles raising money for a orphanage charity.

Brendan said: “I first went on a trip to Malawi in 2008. I’ve never seen that much poverty in my life.

“I returned to Malawi the following year and became involved with a charity called FOMO that looks after orphans. I was really inspired to help.”

He managed to raise £35,354 which enabled the charity to build a science, agriculture and art block for their secondary school.

Finished school from the money fundraised, photo taken by Stephen Mcclements

Brendan is believed to be the first person to ever run the full length of Malawi.

Photo taken by Stephen Mcclements

He was accompanied by his expedition partner Emma Timmis, and a support team.

Whilst he was in Malawi, many local children joined in running alongside him.

He mentioned: “Every day children would run with me.

“In the last day children were coming from all the villages to join me, it was like a big carnival.”

The highlight of his experience was meeting a disabled boy and giving him a wheelchair.

Photo taken by Stephen Mcclements

Brendan added: “The boy taught me so much about how fortunate I am. How can I moan about anything?

“I came up with an idea based on what I’ve seen and experienced, to run coast-to-coast Africa next to continue to help.”

Brendan also won a ‘Sporting Hero Award’, the overall ‘Gold Award’ in Somerset Awards 2017.

Visit Brendan’s website to donate and support Brendan’s passion to raise money for a boys hostel.

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