THE Salford community is getting involved with this year’s LGBT History Month, with the city’s Mayor due to appear at an LGBT leadership panel on February 27.

Mayor Paul Dennett will be at Salford University to take part in a leadership panel with other members of the LGBT community.

Also appearing will be Manchester Councillor Bev Craig, a representative from the Sparkle transgender charity, student speakers, and a speaker for the National Union of Students.

Jon-Connor Lyons, Labour’s candidate for Piccadilly Ward and University of Salford Sabbatical Officer, said; “The month, how I see it, will be celebrating LGBT’s history and the community that we have fostered here in Salford.”

“We are hoping for a lot of engagement, and a lot of recognition that LGBT people do suffer oppression in certain parts of the world.”

Paul Dennett has spoken before about his experiences as a gay man, and his past struggles with his sexuality. He will address other students in the position he was once in at the event.

Sparkle, a national transgender charity founded in 2011, will also be speaking to promote transgender awareness and rights.

The aim of LGBT History Month is to “promote equality and diversity for the benefit of the public”. Its organisers can do so via events and direct financial donations.

Areas across the UK have been getting involved with the month, with film screenings and question and answer panels, along with other events such as the “Queer Stories” exhibit at The Fitzwilliam in Cambridge.

There are many local events over the course of the month, which are organised through Salford Proud, a Staff & Postgraduate LGBT network.

Last November saw campaigning from Salford University with the “Just a Toilet” campaign, promoting the installation of gender neutral bathrooms.

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