There will be a calligraphy class running every Friday at Emmanuel Church and Centre in Salford called Flippin’ Calligraphy at Langworthy Road.

Flippin’ Calligraphy will be ran by Brian Whitmore.

The aim of the exercise is to “flip” the unhelpful comments about dementia and try to make them both more accurate and helpful to the participants.

In a 2015 report from the MEN 3,000 people are diagnosed with dementia in the Greater Manchester and it is believed that more than 29,500 go undiagnosed.

Voluntary center manager at Emmanuel Church Pat Wilson said:

“We’ve had singing for dementia before which sadly didn’t take off too well so we thought we’d give this a whirl because we’re trying to be a dementia friendly building, and a dementia friendly church because we’re a church and a center.

“We were very happy to have them.

“So they started on Friday and they used the church meeting space so they could put tables together and all sit round the table together.

“There was a lot of laughter, a lot of talking and then they shared lunch with the Home From Home group.”

According to several studies the cognitive effects of calligraphy has helped many people who suffer from dementia,

For more information visit the US Library Of Medicine to see how it can be helpful to many sufferers.

The event is currently available on Facebook for more information visit the event page.

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