The ‘beast from the east’ has hit the Northwest, so here’s a few tips which the RSPCA have encouraged to keep animals safe in the snow.

Exercise is important to you and your pet, this will keep your pet happy and healthy. You and your dog should  both wear reflective clothing to make sure you’re both visible.

Keep your dogs away from ponds and lakes that are iced over. Watch out for your dogs’ paws becoming impacted with snow, which can cause discomfort.

Horses and ponies should be kept indoors whilst it’s snowing outside. They’ll need have access to shelter, constant fresh water and some may need a rug. Read winter care advice for horses on the RSPCA website.

Keep an eye on outdoor pets such as rabbits. Provide extra bedding and prepare to move them into a shed or unused garage for shelter.

The recommended teperature for domestic rabbits is 10-20°C but they do tend to suffer from too much heat so be careful on your heating!

You may wish to consider moving your rabbits’ home indoors or into an outhouse, shed or unused garage, if temperatures start to reach freezing point.

Don’t house animals in greenhouses due to temperature changes. Caution must be taken if they are housed in conservatories.

Whereas, Heaton Park have still opened their farm regardless of the cold coniditions.

A worker at the park said: “Most animals are under covers, there’s people looking after them all the time so they wouldn’t just put them out in the cold.

“They’ve all got covers, they’ve all got places to keep warm. Heaton Park have heaters as well as so they’re fine.”

RSPCA wildlife expert Nicola White said: “We can all struggle when the weather takes a turn for the worse, and our wildlife friends are often the most vulnerable to the extremes the elements take. They just need a bit of a helping hand sometimes.”

A member of staff from the RSPCA stated: “Well, obviously animals that are outdoors are affected by the cold weather. People need to make prevition for that.

“You’ll find advice on the main RSPCA website about looking after animals in the cold weather.”

If you need any advice on keeping animals warm in the snowy conditions, make sure you contact the RSPCA on 0300 123 4999 or visit the website.


This is Monty from Maldon, Essex.



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