Tram violence in manchester

Points failures at Bury, Cornbrook and Velopark have caused major problems across Greater Manchester’s tram network, according to Manchester Metrolink.

The issues, likely brought on by the bad weather that struck the Manchester area this morning, have caused significant disruption for commuters in and around Salford.

Metrolink announced replacement bus services and the acceptance of tickets on a large number of other buses and some Northern Rail services.

According to a statement by Metrolink on their social media: “Due to the points failure at Cornbrook, we have severe delays on the Altrincham, East Didsbury, Airport and Rochdale lines.

“We have minor delays on the Bury line. Eccles services are only operating as far as MediaCity and Ashton operating as far as Cornbrook.”

Ashton’s line – including the Eccles to Etihad Campus service – also saw delays earlier in the day due to a road traffic accident.


Services are beginning to be reintroduced, according to Metrolink, but there are still severe delays and backlog across the network.

A bus service from Piccadilly to Eccles is also in operation, calling at all stops except MediaCity, and is set to be running until further notice.

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