The number of people living with diabetes in Greater Manchester has reached over 169,000, however Salford has the lowest incidence of people affected in the North West. 

6.4 percent of people in Salford, approximately 15,000 of the population, are currently diagnosed by diabetes, which is 0.2 percent below the national average.

Despite this, the number of people who suffer from diabetes is on the rise and Diabetes UK are calling on the Government to take immediate action.

In the UK, there are now almost 3.7 million people living with diabetes, a tally which has more than doubled in the last twenty years.

There are also an estimated 12.3 million people at risk of Type 2 diabetes, and obesity is the leading cause in the majority of preventable cases.

Salford Diabetes Team at Salford Royal Hospital hope people start to spot the signs of diabetes early to avoid serious health complications.

“More than half of those with Type 2 diabetes will already have signs of heart disease when they are diagnosed. Diabetes is second only to smoking as the leading cause of heart disease in the UK.

“But the good news is that if you spot your diabetes early you can greatly reduce the risk of serious health problems.”

While Type 1 diabetes isn’t currently preventable, it is known that three in five cases of Type 2 diabetes are preventable, a statistic which is concerning for professionals.

Stephen Ryan, the head of the North at Diabetes UK, said: “Unless we act, and urgently, diabetes prevalence will continue to rise.

“Both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes are serious conditions that can lead to devastating complications. We have to take action now so that we can live in a world where fewer people have diabetes in the future.”

Diabetes UK is also calling on the Government to tackle childhood obesity by introducing stricter regulations on junk food advertising and supermarket promotions for unhealthy foods.

For more information on diabetes, please visit the Diabetes UK website:

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