Salford’s Peel Park will hold its spring opening ceremony on April 22 after years of upgrades in the area.

The reopening of the park will be a “family fun day” celebration that features music performances by local groups, and various activities.

The park redevelopments started in 2015 when the Heritage Lottery Fund approved a bid of £2.5 million to restore the area and provide a park keeper.

Joseph Palframan, the park keeper with Friends of Peel Park group, explained the significance of the ceremony and the renovation of the park.

“We’re trying to bring people who are already in the area, and promote the park to the people who don’t know about the park, and get local people to come in and enjoy the space.”

Joseph further talked about the positive impacts the newly renovated park will have on the Salford community.

“To have such green spaces at your doorstep is really good for mental health, for physical health,” he said.

The park is also becoming a place of “recreation” where people can have fun and spend time together.

“It’s good for the mind, it’s good for the body.”

All the improvements include a play area, sports pitches, footpath upgrades, and sculptures that honour the rich history of the park.

peel park unkempt
Unkempt Peel Park space before the renovations
peel park now
Peel Park is a hot spot for people in Salford to enjoy themselves after renovations came into place

Peel Park, one of the oldest parks in Britain, was first opened in 1846 and was named after former Prime Minister Sir Robert Peel.

“People from the area wanted to create a park, for the people,” Joseph said.

Joseph points out that after all the redevelopments, the park is now full of people enjoying themselves.

“This park is for everyone around Salford.”

You can read more about the improvements at Peel Park and follow the process on Friends of Peel Park‘s Facebook page, as well as their website.

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