The Little Toy Tots Library has called for more people to volunteer at the organisation.

The toy library, which provides toys to struggling families to borrow, is in need of more people to help with cataloging and recommending toys to children.

Sue Deas, an employee at the toy library, said “They can come in. They can help out and find out what they like to do in here and we can work from there”

“Most of it is checking toys over when they come out or helping people.”

If they’ve got a child and they want help in any particular way with the learning or how they want the child to progress, you’ve got to work out what toys would help and aid that child to develop a bit further.”

There are over 122 families who use the service a month, each paying just £1 a month in order to take out toys.

Families using the service is increasing at a rate of around 5 new members a month.

Cuts to government funding have not helped the service and more could be done by them to alleviate the strain on essential local services such as this one.

Deas stated that, “A bit more money from the government would help”

“It’s just keeping up the childcare side of things which isn’t always easy with the amount of money that is directed towards the wrong place.”

If you would like to volunteer at the Little Toy Tots Library then you can go to Langworthy Cornerstone or alternatively call 07962438314.


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