Google have brought their Digital Garage to Salford today in order to help enable both beginners and professionals in their digital skills.

This will allow people to learn how to build and develop their own businesses and take the steps in their own career. The event is open to the public and is free to attend.

The event will also include one to one coaching, no booking is needed for any of these sessions.

Digital Marketer Scott Jones said:

“We’re here to train people in digital skills, we’re here to help in first steps and keeping safe, we help with careers and we help with businesses.

“It ranges from everything, there’s no set industry or businesses, it’s people from all walks of life and all sorts of abilities.

“We’re here to enable people to do it for themselves, so ideally our target market is people that don’t have any idea how to start off themselves.

“We are there to enable you to basically go off and get digital.”

The bus tour will also allow the public to sign up for practical online courses such as designing a CV, coding and social media strategy.

These are open to people of all levels and all abilities.

Partners with the Google Digital Garage include; Which?, Good Things Foundation, Business Growth Hub and Slenky.

All courses are available to be signed up for free here.

Various upcoming events for both Manchester and Birmingham here.



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