DEMENTIA Action Week is coming to Salford, the Salford Institution for Dementia welcoming all to take part in activities and debates, featuring guest speaker Christopher Eccleston.

The week starts May 21st, being the Alzheimer’s Society’s annual awareness-raising campaign, encouraging institutions to host events big and small to raise awareness of Dementia throughout society.

Salford’s Institute for Dementia will be hosting events over the course of the week, in association with the University of Manchester, University of Liverpool, Manchester Metropolitan University and a number of other service providers.

Dr Gemma Lace-Costigan, one of the organisers of the week, said: “Raising awareness about dementia is something we are really passionate about here at the Salford Institute for dementia.”

The 21st will be seeing the return of celebrity speaker Christopher Eccleston, joining a panel from 6-7pm, discussing how the media, arts, and society influence public views about dementia.

Mr Eccleston was seen last year opening the £300,000 Dementia Hub, speaking about his father.

On May 23rd they are running the Alzheimer’s Research UK Dementia public engagement event, inviting members of the public, from 12 – 6pm to come into the laboratories to learn the science and see their research, taking part in some demonstrations.

There will be performances and a panel discussion as well at the end of the day where they will be focusing on advances in biomedical research, attempting to keep the entire event as interactive as possible.

Dr Lace-Costigan said: “It allows the public to understand how research is advancing. It’s giving a message of hope about the progress we are making.”

One aim for the event is to inform the public of the many support services offered at the Salford for those with dementia, such as the Good Life Club, a gardening club run for those living with dementia and their families.

Alongside this is the ‘Sid’s Café’ where they cook the food grown here and a music club, all attended by a large group of people, who will be present for the events of the action week.

The Dementia Hub has also started a funding site, in hopes of improving all the services available.

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