All you need is LSD

Leo Butler’s biographical comedy about his experience at an LSD trial is a frenzy of comedy chaos at The Lowry.

The cast of four was led by Annie Fitzmaurice who played Butler himself in a gender-swapped role. However, the stand-out performance from me was that of George Potts who played a whole library of characters, the same amount of rehearsal, energy and focus thrown into each one.

His ability to ‘break the fourth wall’ and speak to the audience from the very opening was not only impressive but engaging throughout too, however, all four actors became narrators throughout the plot too.

The set, though small, was used creatively by all four actors with it becoming a play area for the characters to climb on and around.

Even the rotating wheel of the set falling off in the performance added to the fun tone of the play with Potts’ improvisation as the other actors rushed to the wheels aid being very impressive.

In today’s age, it’s hard to take such a subject without causing offence yet Butler’s light-hearted approach towards the topic is what made it so fresh.

The insert of the Monty Pythonesque humour mixed with scenes parodying the likes of Doctor Who made the audience roar with laughter.

One of the difficulties of creating farce in comedy theatre is making the chaos look controlled yet the timing of all the scene, costume changes and character are what made the performance for me. Every action, look and word had been clearly rehearsed many a time.

“A wild and crazy set, four amazing actors, a couple of musical numbers and Lurpak”

It wasn’t all comedic however as the addition of the LSD-related death of Aldous Huxley created a different tone. Having gone through an hour of constant fast-paced fun, this highlighted the seriousness of the drug.

Having spoken to Butler beforehand about what it contains he said: “A wild and crazy set, four amazing actors, a couple of musical numbers and Lurpak,” – he certainly wasn’t wrong. There’s lots of Lurpak.

• All You Need Is LSD is at The Lowry until 10th November before heading to Coventry.


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