Camp America Manchester Fair 2017

Hundreds of young people are set to attend a Camp America fair at the Old Trafford Stadium early next year.

The recruitment fair is one of three in the UK with the other two taking place in Edinburgh and London.

The event on 24 January 2019 is for young people considering spending their summer in America. More than 70 camp directors will be present, looking to hire UK staff for a variety of different job roles.

Life-changing experience

Lauren Rees, who works for the programme, said: “I did it for five years. Once I started, I couldn’t stop because I just fell in love with it. I now work for the programme but it was just one of the best experiences.”

She continued: “I went as a general counsellor, I didn’t have high demand skills but I was good with arts and crafts. It just seemed to completely fit with who I was and I absolutely loved it.”

Applicants can be matched with a number of different sorts of camp depending on their skillset including special need camps, Christian camps, Jewish camps and many more.

The programme has been running for 50 years and has seen thousands of students taking on the challenge during their summer break, gap year and for general travel experience.

More than 300 people have signed up to attend the fair in Manchester next month but this is expected to rise with number of applicants going up.

Applicants who attend the fair are in the chance of being hired on the day but anyone not able to attend can still apply online.

Queue inside for Camp America fair 2017
Queue inside for Camp America fair 2017

Emma Burns, sales and business developer for Camp America, said: “I did the programme and worked in New Hampshire for four years and I got hired at the fair.

“The opportunity is amazing; it gives you so many amazing skills, global friends and allows you to connect with other cultures in the world.”

The deadline for applications is in April and anyone wanting to go to the fair should book a free ticket online at:


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