A student from Salford has decided to show her devotion to her hometown by getting a tattoo of an unlikely landmark, the tower block in Salford Shopping City.

Jess Murphy, 21, a Social Work student at Manchester Metropolitan University got inked at the beginning of this year, and designed the tattoo herself.

Jess said: “I got it because I wanted to get something to represent Salford but not something everyone else already had.”

Jess’ tattoo of the Salford Shopping City flats.

Whilst Jess now lives in Manchester, she’s a Salford girl through and through.

Despite all the changes and regeneration that the area is going through, she says it’s the people who make it special: “A lot of people from there have really high aspirations and they sort of all pull together to try and make things achievable even though there’s not much to work with.”

Jess’ mum was far from pleased when she saw the dedication to Salford, branding the tattoo “stupid”.


Briar Hill Court is the official name of the tower block and it is the sixth highest building in Salford.

It was described as “an eyesore” and “a blot on the landscape” by Salford City Mayor Paul Dennet in 2016.

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