Thirteen Kellogg’s staff members, based in MediaCityUK, have taken the time to help support the Emmaus charity in Salford by helping to decorate their communal spaces.

The members decided to volunteer together to help paint the communal area within the Emmaus home in Pendleton, Salford. They began on Thursday 15th November and have finally completed the transformation.

The innovating charity was set up by dedicated people to provide support to those who have been homeless. It is self-sufficient and the team works to create a comfortable home and work environment.

Simon Locke, community director of Emmaus Salford, said: “In 2015, Martin found himself homeless due to family disputes and lived on the street for months before moving to a shelter.

“Emmaus Salford was able to give Martin a home, where he was able to work and thrive to his best ability. The charity community enabled Martin to discover his passion and encouraged him to apply for college to begin his journey into music. Martin also received a saxophone to help him progress in his music course at college.

“He overall expressed how much Emmaus Salford has given him confidence and a new-perspective to life.”

To help, Kellogg’s staff decided to provide assistance with repainting the communal area.

Simon Locke, manager and director, states that the charity, gives homeless people hope and routine to get them back on track while providing shelter and work.

He explained that volunteering allowed the charity to thrive.

“We have no guarantee that in our work force or in our companionship there are people who know how to build a wall or know how to do painting and landscape or know how to paint on walls , so when we have people to come in and volunteer it just means it just means it is a less headache we have to think about.”

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