The Pink Picnic, which started eight years ago, is returning to Peel Park this summer. Organised by Salford Pride, the event aims to raise awareness of the LGBTQ+ community.

Graham Rimmer and Kris Lysaght – James Burr

The Pink Picnic is taking place on the 22nd June in Peel Park, Salford.

Already the second biggest Pride event in Greater Manchester, the event has plans to expand further. From bringing your own picnic to a well known lineup of singers, the picnic is a family event which is run by volunteers. The event started in 2011 in partnership with Salix homes.

Salford Pride Design and Marketing Manager, Graham Rimmer is helping promote the event with colleague Kris Lysaght who is the Publicity Officer.

Salford pride officially launched the event on the 1st March in partnership with Shock Radio.

Kris described it as: “Salford Pride’s annual LGBTQ+ celebration where people can be themselves and not have to worry about any stigmas and be open and out.”

Photograph by James Burr

This year’s picnic has been able to attract acts such as X Factor singer Lloyd Daniels, Janice Robinson and 90s singer Kelly Wilde to name a few. There will be community acts such as The Gay Gordons, who are a dance group.

“There are new things happening this year such as the Absolut VIP Tent, where for £20 you can gain access to the tent, with three Absolut Vodka drinks, but other sellers to be announced soon.  You will even have meet and greet opportunities with the acts.” You can order tickets here.

“People are more attracted to it because of its community feel, it’s not this big franchise organisation that’s just trying to look good.”

“We’ll have a bar, we’ll have food stalls, but if you wanna bring your own picnic, bring your own picnic.”

Also, new for 2019, is the first official After Party being hosted by Atmosphere in the University of Salford Students’ union, after the event. This is also a free event, but it is recommend to order a ticket to guarantee entry!

The event started as a community picnic, however it has grown so much, it consists of live musicians, sporting activities and a bar with food.

Last year, the event brought 3000 people to it and it has always provided entertainment despite inconsistent weather conditions.

The Pink Picnic is free and open to anyone, in order to continue the point of being diverse and open to everyone.

On whether Salford is ahead of other cities in terms of welcoming the LGBTQ+ community, Kris said, “Salford’s got an extra feel to it, it’s really hard to explain. It’s feeling the atmosphere and feeling where you are. It’s got the local park where you’d take your dog for a walk.

“We’re trying to get into local schools to try and educate people that Salford is this welcoming place.”

Graham continued, “I’d recommend anyone to come it doesn’t matter whether you’re LGBTQ+ or not, it’s a family friendly event, we’re growing and growing.”

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