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The Salford Veterans Breakfast Club won Best Age Friendly Project at this year’s Spirit of Salford Community Awards.

Glenn Croston, 56, from the organisation spoke of his delight, saying: “We solve social isolation, if we become aware that they’ve got some issues, they want some help, we signpost them to people.”

The club was first established by a group of veterans in Pendleton back in 2015 for veterans who are elderly, feel isolated, or suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Each Saturday morning, ex-servicemen and women, their partners, carers and families can attend Pendleton’s St Thomas’s Church, where they can get involved in their parade, have some food, or share stories.

They also offer opportunities for veterans to discuss any queries, offering advice or assistance to those in need.

Croston added: “There’s nothing similar in the area, we were the first in Greater Manchester, we’ve now got one in Stockport, one in Leeds, a couple of other places not too far away.

“We’ve already had people contacting us that weren’t aware about what we did, what we are about, so that’s what I’m looking for now: that we’ll get more people contacting, coming along, and spreading the word.”

Croston hailed the ongoing success of the organisation.

He stated: “We have people come and say they’re really glad we stuck at it, and now it’s established, and more and more people know about it, more and more people want to support and help out and tell friends.

“We’ve done well.”

Listen to Croston discuss the Salford Veterans Breakfast Club here:

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