Salford Urban Exploration

Image credit: Daft Monkey

A new hobby is uncovering the forgotten histories of Salford – urban exploration.

The pastime sees Urbexers – urban explorers – who explore abandoned buildings and housing estates, documenting what they find on the inside and sharing it with the internet.

Salford-born Urbexer Daft Monkey recently explored the High Street Estate in Salford, whose 150 houses have stood empty since 2016 and are scheduled for demolition as part of the Pendleton regeneration scheme.

He said: “I look at the history of the area, so people can look back on it and feel nostalgic.

“I was always fascinated with old buildings. I wanted to remind people of what this used to be.”

Urban Exploration Salford
Image credit: Daft Monkey

In his latest video, Daft Monkey spoke to the remaining five residents of the estate, who refuse to leave their homes.

He said: “All them people that used to live on that housing estate, there is still happiness.”

Urban exploration stands in a grey area of the law, with Urbexers taking care to follow an unwritten code of conduct. They follow the motto “take only photos, leave only footprints” and respect the places they enter.

Many approach the buildings’ owners beforehand for permission to access the premises, so as to avoid trespassing, a civil offence where the landowner must choose to press charges.

Daft Monkey said: “I won’t go in any building that would have to be broken into, I go where other explorers have been.

“If there’s no access point I’ll take photos of the outside.”

He explained that while some explorers leave graffiti and vandalise buildings, he prefers to treat them as time capsules: “I want to keep a piece of it for people to look at.

“The powers above don’t have respect, they just want to build more apartments. These are landmarks of Salford, they’ve got significance.

“People can share their memories.”


  1. Brilliant way of documenting the history of Salford, the property developers just see it as a place to build concrete and steel eyesores to make money and not once do they understand the loss of communities or what has been there in the past all that history built over’
    excellent work Daft Monkey..Great piece of filming, showing Salford as it is, not how they want us to believe it should look

  2. Alex Chapman

    What a brilliant way of capturing the beauty of the forgotten. Daft monkey’s videos are respectful and pay tribute to the lost buildings that won’t always be there. Once full of memories and life. I always look forward to his videos and next explores!

  3. Karen Walker

    Many ppl over in australia loved the trip back with the video.also many ppl were sad to see what has become of the places they grew up

  4. Dionne mulligan

    Absolutely loved watching this explore by Daft Monkey.. All those memories & life that once was here on this estate.. very sad to see it lifeless … Every house, must hold a million memeories for many families which I hope were mostly happy ones.. This was once someone’s childhood, someone’s happy place, someone’s home.. The lovely garden still looked kept… well done to Daft Monkey & love the respect, ? till the next explore.

  5. Dionne mulligan

    WOW this was oozing with memories…
    Every house nook & cranny would probably have a tale to tell..
    This estate was someone’s childhood, someone’s happy place, & fond memories.
    The lovely garden that still looked kept, it was like time had stood still.. ?.
    It now stands lifeless but im sure the memories are very much alive..
    Daft- Monkey what a fantastic video & love the respect. . Looking forward to watching your next explore.. Well done ? xx

  6. I have been watching urbrxers for about 2 years now. I enjoy seeing the history that has been forgotten. To see some homes stuck in time. As mentioned I get upset to see destruction by others. Mostly done by prior explorer’s or squatters.

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