The local elections are to be held on Thursday 2nd of May 2019 to decide which councillor will take a seat in each of Salford’s 20 wards.

Last year, the local elections had a total of 46,076 votes and to maintain such high numbers, the council is pushing members of the community to go out and vote.

Friday the 12th of April 2019 will be the last date to register to vote in the May elections.

Voting is also available for students studying in Salford, as they are able to register both at their home and their term-time address. This can be completed on GOV.UK

Since 1973, the Labour Party have reigned over the Salford City Council, so with the new election this may change.

Twitter users are weighing their opinions on voting stating ; “Nothing ever changed by doing nothing make a difference and register to vote don’t waste your ballot have your say and take part”

If you’re confused about how to vote, below shows the three different ways you can submit your say in the election through;

  • Polling Stations
  • Postal Votes
  • Proxy Votes

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