Salford Royal has been providing care for its patients since 1882. 137 years later it is winning awards for its care. Patients have shared their stories on what their care was like for them and other members of their family.

Salford Royal now has a team of 7,000 members of staff who work day and night to care for their patients and their families.

Ashley Carter Lawlor is still a patient at Salford Royal after being diagnosed with a brain tumor four years ago.

She spoke about her experiences with the neurologist and the after care team and what she does to help other people with brain tumours.

The hospital was given the status of an Outstanding Trust and was also the first Foundation Trust in the North of England to achieve the highest rating given by the Care Quality Commission.

Greg Broadhurst, a volunteer and Vice Chair of MND Association in Manchester, has seen the healthcare provided to people who suffer from motor neurone disease: “They are always forward thinking in motor neurone care, the neurologist team are brilliant.”

Greg also talked about an experienced he had with a family member: “The work Salford do is fantastic, they are always ahead of time.

“A close family member had broken her leg and they had her back on her feet within two days.

“In the old building the care was good and the care is just as good in the new building.”

Salford Royal is advancing every day with care, but not just in the neurology department.

University student Joe Rindl was playing hockey when his opponent swung his stick into Joe’s knee. The skin was split so he travelled to Salford Royal A&E Department.

He worried about waiting times but when he got their his thoughts were changed.

He said: “All the nurses and doctors were amazingly kind and professional.

“I was seen by a man called Paul who talked me through my injury, gave me two, relatively painless stitches before discharging me in under two hours.”

“I just want to thank all the staff at Salford Royal, you really are making our health service the best thing about this country.”


  1. Chrissy Peach

    My daughter was rushed into Salford royal 8 days ago with meningitis.and ensephilitis. From the moment the ambulance turned up and throughout our stay so far all the staff in a&e and hdu1 have been amazing. Not only have they looked after my daughter they have looked after the whole family too. We are very lucky to have the nhs. Thank you Salford royal.

  2. My mother was admitted to l4 2 weeks ago, day staff were lovely, twice in the early hours my mum asked to be taken to the toilet about 430am/5ish , the first-time staff made her wait over an hour, second time she had to wait til the 8am staff came on shift, also its not clean

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