Friends of Peel Park  are running a Health Walk to encourage residents and workers to ‘break out’ of their day to day and get moving.

Running every Wednesday lunchtime, the Health Walk is an opportunity for people to get active on their lunch break.

Attendees meet once a week at 12.30pm to take part in 30 minutes to an hour of exercise, to break up their working day and improve their general wellbeing.

According to mental health charity Mind, regular exercise can have huge benefits for physical and mental health, especially for those working long hours, or those sat at a desk for long periods of time.

The Health and Safety Executive – a UK government agency responsible for the regulation of workplace health – advises that people should take a 5-10 minute break from their desk every hour to prevent lack of focus, fatigue, and increase productivity.

Nicole Turner, 21, is a Film Production student at Salford University, and regularly takes part in the Peel Park Health Walk. She said:

“It helps me a lot. I find if my head’s a bit cloudy, and I feel like I can’t really get my thoughts together, if I just go on a little walk, when I come back, my mind feels a lot clearer.

“I find as well, when you live in such a big busy city, and you just get away to a park where everything is really spread out and not all jam-packed in, its so refreshing.”

In a public poll of 40 people, 90% agreed that exercise improved their general well-being.

52% of those in the poll admitted to taking part in exercise 1-3 days a week, and 91% agreed that the most effective way of exercise is a little bit every day, rather than intense workouts 1-2 days a week.

Ways in which you can do this are yoga, morning jogs and lunchtime walks – just like the Health Walk.

The next Peel Park Health Walk will commence at 12:30pm on Wednesday 9th October, and will occur weekly until December 4th.


Infographic created by Beckie Bold.

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