There will be a first glimpse into RHS Garden Bridgewater for lovers of gardening in Salford at St Andrew’s Church on October 16.

The event will take attendees through a talk of the development of RHS Garden Bridgewater, as well as showing a feature length film show about the grounds evolution.

The gardens, located in Worsley are set to open in 2020 and have been mapped out by architect Tom-Stuart Smith as well as Manchester Metropolitan Students; Karsan Karavadra and Stella Yang, who won a competition to contribute to the design of the garden last year.

The garden renovations, which were announced as the RHS’ fifth location in 2015, are well underway and as of last month, its first tree, a green olive tree was placed.

As well as this, their first 600 cubic meters of soil fill were created and a variation of over 3000 plants that range from shrubs to herbs as well specially grown hedging and yew pyramids were positioned.

The renovation project is predicted to cost around £30 million in total and estimated to generate £24 million in revenue per year.

Restorations will also be taking place, including the walled kitchen garden and terraces.

The event takes place on October 16 at 7pm.

Places must be booked, and all tickets are £5.

Image Credit: Bicanski via Pixnio

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