The owner of Atom Fireworks and pyro-technician Jason Graham has spoken of the danger of children getting hold of fireworks in the Salford area.

As a resident of Salford, Mr Graham spoke of his experience of firework inspired anti-social behaviour in the area, saying: “Someone has thrown fireworks on a bus and it’s terrifying.”

Following the decision by Sainsbury’s to halt the sale of fireworks nationwide, Graham said: “Most of the time they get in the wrong hands through illegal means.”



The halt from Sainsbury’s comes after years of petitions trying to restrict the sale of fireworks to the public from those against fireworks. These argue that fireworks can often scare pets and wildlife.

“Restricting the sale of fireworks to the millions of people in the UK, because of what is a very small minority of idiots, it’s not the right way.”

An elderly Salford resident said: “For me personally it’s a bit inconvenient because that’s where I get my fireworks.

“It won’t make any difference because someone will be selling them somewhere. I think they should be more strict on the license of selling fireworks.”

It is believed that other retailers will soon join Sainsbury’s in their restrictions of fireworks.

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