Hope for Hallie is on the horizon after a fun-filled day of fundraising at Playkidds Centre in Swinton raised a total of £1311.34 for life changing treatment.

Hallie Alycia Campbell is 1 of 5 children in the UK to be diagnosed with AADC (Aromatic Amino Acid Decarboxylase Deficiency), a life limiting disease that makes her unable to walk, talk and sit up and often results in muscle stiffness, muscle spasms and painful seizures.

Hallie and Lucy enjoying the soft play area. Credit: Abigail Walker

Now the Campbell family are trying to raise £70,000 to get six year old Hallie to Poland where she can get the much needed gene therapy treatment.

Playkidds Centre, located on Moorfield Road, along with the local community and Hallie’s family and friends came together last Saturday to raise the funds for Hallie.

Credit: Abigail Walker

Hallie’s mum, Lucy Campbell, described the day as a “fun day for the whole family”, she continued: “We have raffles, auctions, face painting, a bouncy castle and the play centre as well for them to play.”

Facepainting at Playkidds. Credit: Abigail Walker

The children’s soft play area was scarily decorated to suit the Halloween disco.

Playkidds play area. Credit: Abigail Walker

Kareful Kidd, from Playkidds, made a surprise appearance in the afternoon to surprise the children and help announce the winners for the raffle, prizes included teddy bears, chocolates, books and alcohol.

Luxury gifts were also donated to go on the auction, including; A Manchester City 14/15 season signed shirt, a signed Bear Grylls drawing, clothing and restaurant vouchers and a signed Salford FC shirt along with plenty more prizes helped raise over £400 alone towards Hallie’s nearing target.

Hampers were also donated for the auction. Credit: Abigail Walker

Greg O’Neill, Director of Playkidds, thanked the local community by saying: “Without these people we wouldn’t have been able to raise the £440.” He also said: “I have been nervous because it means so much to get people to put money into the buckets to raise these funds, but as always the good people of Salford have come up trumps and have given us quite a lot of money.”

Barbara Walton and Siobhan Gibson who are volunteers for Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service made an appearance on Saturday and brought along Arthur the mini fire engine, allowing children to sit in the drivers seat and and put the sirens on.

Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service outside of Playkidds. Credit: Abigail Walker

A suggested donation of 50p was set to be able to experience all that Arthur had to offer.

Hallie is now just over £10,000 away from her £70,000 target, which is hope to be met next Saturday for the final fundraiser on the 26th October at Haigh Hall in Wigan.

Lucy said: “It is going to be a race night, hopefully a celebratory night of all the effort and everything that has gone into the past 2 months raising all this money for Hallie.” She also said: “We have a DJ, a band, auctions, raffles and a 3-course meal.”

“It has been so much hard work. Every single weekend and every single week we have had something on, we have all put so much time and effort to put everything into all these events.”

“It has been exhausting but we are so touched by the people that have shown so much love and support for us, who has turned up to our events, who have supported us all as a family and Hallie. We just can’t wait to hit that target!”

Hallie spent her day at the fundraiser playing in the ball pool and going down the slide, along with meeting all the other children.

Hallie enjoying the softplay. Credit: Lucy Campbell

Greg explained: “When Hallie walked through the door she had the biggest smile on her face and I knew at that time that what we were doing for Hallie was the right thing.” He continued: “Hallie puts up with lots of difficult things that are happening in her life and she just smiles all the time.”

Donate anything you can here or find Hallie’s JustGiving page at www.justgiving.com/genetherapy4hallie

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