A collection for the victims of the University of Bolton accommodation fire has been made this week by the University of Salford.

Last week, Bolton students were evacuated from “The Cube”, after a fire ripped through their homes at approximately 8:30PM. An investigation has now been launched into how it started and whether the cladding on the building contributed to the blaze . Nobody was hurt, however, students of the university have lost most of their belongings.

Salford students have donated many items for the people affected this week. The donations included toiletries, clothes, make-up, food, as well as phone-chargers and bedding. A cash fund has also been put in place via Facebook to provide as much as possible for the students.

Evie Adams, the student union president of the University of Salford, said: “Imagine if it was your halls that were on fire, surely you would want someone to donate what they don’t need. Anything is better that nothing.”

Evie Adams student union President of the University of Salford. (Credit: University of Salford Student Union. https://www.salfordstudents.com)

Donation points including the University House, the Library, and Peel Park Halls (Campus Living Village) all collected a large array of items. Salfood also got involved by donating meals to the students who were affected.

Salford University Library donation point. (Credit: Ellie Gifford)


All the donations were delivered to the Bolton student union and the Bolton University Wellbeing team, who will distribute the items to the students. Donations for this cause finished this week, however, any items that students or staff want to donate can still be given into Salford student union.

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