The city of Salford has been ranked twentieth on a list of university cities with the highest crime rates by The Complete University Guide.

The guide sees Salford ranked 21st out of English and Welsh Universities; with neighbouring city Manchester ranked close also. The Complete University Guide suggests that Salford sees an average of 63.5 incidents per 1000 residents on Peel Campus, with slightly less on MediaCity campus at 48.7 crimes per 1000 residents.

Notably; heading into the winter months, Salford crime is at an unfortunate 11.4 burglaries per 1000 residents and 48.7 violent and sexual assaults per the same number.

University of Salford student Edwin Sealey; a recent victim of a burglary (above) said: “the first two days were the worst because every time you walk into that room, it’s a reminder of how stupid and unfix-able the situation is.

“the worst thing Is not being able to do anything myself”.

The burglary took place while Edwin and his housemates were away from Salford.

It had been around 24 hours before any of the students were even aware that their house had been broken into.

Salford City Council have set up initiatives to combat burglaries. Their home security page on their website says that: “Assistance is given to repeat burglary victims referred to us by Greater Manchester Police, providing security packages to those considered most vulnerable”.

Salford City Council also announced in February of 2019 that the city had received “a further £13.06 million reduction in budget […] resulting in cumulative cuts since 2010 now standing at £211 million.”

This however has not deterred both Salford and Greater Manchester from providing extra funding to police in the area. Greater Manchester precepts will add £33 a year to the bill, which will help secure extra police to secure the safety of Salford residents at large.

The council also sugest that anyone seeking further information contact Greater Manchester Police crime reduction services on: 0161 856 5254 or themselves directly on: 0161 686 5850.

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