Local band Hurray For Tuesday delighted fans with a mixed set at The Old Pint Pot in support of Dolphin Centre last Thursday night.

The Manchester band played a variety of their songs, each with a completely different vibe.

The band consists of five members, Sean Stott (song writer, keyboardist and backing vocalist), Harry Lyle (Lead guitarist), Abby Carroll (vocalist and guitarist), Garfieh Cheung (drummer) and James Highland-Partington (bassist).

Hurray For Tuesday were first to perform to a full house.

From the beginning of the first song, the audience were really enjoying themselves, dancing and singing along.

The first song they played was an original called, ‘Where The Wind Blows’.

Member of the band Sean Stott, talked about the group’s origins, saying: “Me and Harry were in the same college, we were in an old band but we decided to leave that band. We thought it would be sick to have a female singer. I went on Instagram and I found Abby straight away.

“I was like I’ve got some songs that I want to record for my college project, can you sing on them please? So Abby came in and sung on them. Then I was like well we also have a gig, do you want to sing at the gig? Then Abby started just playing our songs. After this first ever gig in March 2018, Abby bought her guitar that she still plays.

Lead singer Abby Carroll added: “I posted something about a band I liked and Sean replied on his old band account, saying he liked them too and that was it.”

“And then us four were jamming for a bit and then we was like this is going somewhere but there is something missing. Then we met our other two members Garfieh and Jamo (James)”

Stott said: “We can’t announce yet but on March 22nd something very exciting is coming up and on February 1st something very big is also happening for us.”

Hurray For Tuesday’s performance was warmly received by theircre fans and their set list was clearly well thought about as it worked so well.

Their ability to transition from a lively song in which the audience were jumping to, to a more slow song was astonishing.The beautiful vocals of Abby Carroll worked brilliantly with every single song.

The Old Pint Pot’s atmosphere was incredible, with the experience feeling far from ordinary.

Here is what members of the audience thought about Hurray For Tuesday’s performance:

Hurray For Tuesday will next perform at The Met in Bury on December 11.

To follow Hurray For Tuesday’s continued journey, their Instagram is here:


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