Dreams Come True is a charity that have been providing dreams for children with life limiting illnesses for the past 31 years and Hidden Communities is a separate project which was been funded by the Kentown Wizard foundation in Blackpool.

Zoe is the Regional Coordinator in Manchester for the Hidden Communities project.

“The reason why Hidden Communities has come about is because speaking to other dreams and wish Charities like Make a wish and Wish upon a star, what we realised is that less than 3% across of families who are applying for dreams, come from disadvantaged communities, so families living in parts of Salford and other areas of Manchester just don’t have charities like this on their radar”

So now through this project they work with Manchester city council and they refer families to them, families that could really use something like this.

Through their online research they found that a lot of the areas that are classed as more disadvantaged in Manchester touches more on areas in Salford. They are yet to deliver a dream in Manchester

She said, “We haven’t delivered a dream in Manchester yet, so it’s really exciting and we just got our first referrals in, we’ve got 8 so far and we are hoping we are going to deliver our first dream in Manchester at the end of November.”

Credit: Dreamscometrue

They are currently looking for researching and fundraising volunteers to get involved. The main focus was to get dream supporters in, because they have dreams to delivered in November. The role of a dream supporter is to go visit the family and take them through a brochure of dreams that other children have chosen. For an example one child chose to become a mermaid for a day. Zoe has bigger hopes for the project and hopes the community warms to it.

“After the three years after the funding runs out we hope the community to take a hold of this [project] and it becomes more self-sustainable so after I get an army of volunteers who can help me with fundraising – we can put on events – get small corporate’s involved and make it really take off.”

If you’re interested in getting involved you can go through the website  https://www.dreamscometrue.uk.com/265/volunteering

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