Image credit: Mwika Bulaya

With the Christmas season in full swing, limited-edition hot drinks are becoming increasingly popular despite some containing around a third of the recommended daily calorie intake.

A study has found that festive hot drinks can contain up to 23 teaspoons of sugar, and over 700 calories, each.

‘Action on Sugar’ studied festive hot drinks including lattes and hot chocolate to see which contained the highest amount of sugar and calories.

The Christmas markets at Media City in Salford host several stalls selling festive hot drinks, many of which have the option of added cream, marshmallows and special flavourings.

A barista-bartender at the Christmas markets said: “We do marshmallows and whipped cream, and most people will say yes to that if we offer it.

“I don’t know if companies make [the amount of sugar and calories] in their hot drinks clear.”


The research explained the negative effects that sugary drinks and snacks can have on young children.

Although Christmas is time for indulgence, festive hot drinks are seemingly a health risk and should be consumed responsibly.

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