Traditional pubs have beaten clubs in a survey of our readers’ favourite places for a night out. 

These are your FIVE most popular in pubs in Salford.


The Old Pint Pot – Chapel Street

Image credit: James Burr

Originally called the Adelphi Riverside, the pub was opened in 1988 as a pub, restaurant and brewery. The name changed to The Old Pint Pot in 1996. As recently as September 14, the pub had a refurbishment, making it slightly more modern while keeping the ‘indie’ atmosphere.

Barman Joshua Bennett said:

“You see university students; lecturers, and we have an assortment of all the regulars that come in.”

On what draws the customers in, he said: “The fact that it’s by the river and the beers are very cheap. It’s not overly priced it’s decent inside, the food is nice.”

A regular at the pub, Liz, commented on the demographic and atmosphere, “Massively student, but with a mix of old men as well! I like that it’s got a nice big outside area overlooking the river, so you can have a nice drink outside.”

Survey positives: “nice cozy vibe”, “the music is great and lovely atmosphere” and “the atmosphere is a lot more friendly than other places.”

Matchstick Man – Salford Quays

This sports pub on Salford Quays is very popular. Its spacious atmosphere includes a bar area, an eating area with booths and an upstairs too.

Inspired by LS Lowry’s matchstick men paintings, the pub is well known to be proud to represent what Salford is about, so music, art and football (as it is very close to Old Trafford).

Image credit: James Burr

George Tapp, 71, a lifelong regular spoke fondly about the pub he has frequented for so long:

“I’ve been going here since it was open, I live just over the road. It’s a family type pub, the pubs on the quays aren’t really family pubs, they float on trade. This pub is more like local people.

“People who come here usually come back and become regulars. Sport wise, it’s a sporting pub, all the major matches are on, I don’t have sky sports at home, so to come out to watch it is good.”

On his description of the pub: “This pub is friendly and welcoming.”

Survey positives: “The desserts”, “Good memories”, “Cheap food, vegan options.”


The Eccles Cross – Eccles

Located directly next to Eccles tram stop, this Wetherspoons is a popular place for people to socialise and relax. It has a cosy interior and a wide selection of places to sit. The pub is known to have high standards of cleanliness, service and food.

Team leader Jeremy Baxter said:

“We like to keep everything up to a high standard, so the service is good, and customers are happy. And just generally maintaining a nice atmosphere. The people generally tend to be a bit older, except on weekends when we get a mix of everyone really.

Image credit: James Burr

On how he would describe the pub Baxter said:

“Strange is a good word, because it can be dead quiet at times and then two minutes later you can have 100 people come walking through and it all just goes a bit mental. When you spend so much time here, you can’t really know if it’s good or bad!”

After speaking to customer John, he liked the fact that the pub was quiet and pleasant to come to after a day at work.

He said: “I come to this pub because it’s cheap, it’s quiet because it’s not got an entertainment license, so you can just come and read a paper. You can have nice food here and obviously the beer’s cheap.

As we’re coming up to Christmas, it’s nice to come here at the end of the day. I come here more to eat than drink.”

Survey positives: “Price is good”, “It’s a lovely atmosphere and has very nice and welcoming staff.”

Dockyard – MediaCity

Image credit: James Burr

Dockyard is a pub which usually brings in students and employees of MediaCity. The pub is modern and it has a large amount of drinks with comfy booths and high tables. The pub includes a Juke Box which is a prominent form of entertainment for the customers, there is also a television projecter for when big matches are on.

Survey positives: “It is close to the university building”, another said: “It’s nice to feel the MediaCity vibe.”

Ashley Brook – Liverpool Street

This pub is part of the Joseph Holt brewery and it includes mostly locals. It has a pool table and screens for the football. Unlike other pubs, it has two different rooms, one of them which allows food being taken in (pub does not serve food) and the other which is just for drinking, dividing it up nicely.

Survey positives: “I like this pub as it essentially acts as a microcosm of the wider society within Salford. In addition to this, the barman Rob allows me and my friend to eat takeaways while watching football games.”


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