Salford CVS have been holding the Heart of Salford Awards since 2003 and recently, Dancing with Dementia has been awarded for their hard work and dedication to working with the community. 

Lesley Fisher, the founding director of the group, has been running events for five years, with the dances taking place at Swinton Palais.

“Dancing with Dementia have worked with CVS now for the past five years. They have helped us from the very start of the group and guided us through the process of becoming a charity.

“We have found the teams there very helpful, always supportive and have enabled Dancing with Dementia to grow and be a valuable part of the community.

“To be nominated for an award is very humbling but greatly appreciated. The fact that others in the community value what we do is very rewarding.

“We love to be included in the various projects that CVS are involved in. The involvement maximizes the networking that can benefit the community and also promotes the charity and the work that we do. and raising the awareness of the dementia condition. The training that CVS offer has been an asset to our charity enabling us to offer the correct support and development routes to our volunteers.”


Her colleague, Jeanette Cutt added: “This award is so special to not only us, but members of the tight-knit community. It has been a real honour to be a part of something so wonderful. We cannot wait to see what 2021 has in store for us.”

To find out more information about the awards, visit the Salford CVS website.


Photo Credit: Dancing with Dementia


Women from Dancing with Dementia before the Covid Pandemic. Photo Credit: James Holt.






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