A former Salford sweet shop is being raffled off for just two pounds after serving the community for over a quarter of a century.

Sharon and Stuart Smyth took over the store in 1990, providing both a home for their family and a well-loved sweet shop in ‘Kandy Kabin’ on Langworthy Road in Salford.

However, in 2012 Stuart sadly passed away at the age of 49 and in 2016 Sharon was diagnosed with cancer of the oesophagus.

As a result, she had to take the difficult decision to close the shop while she underwent chemotherapy but unfortunately lost her battle with cancer in 2018.

But now, their daughter Alex Smyth is hoping to pass the keys onto someone else – for just two pounds.

Alex Smyth, permission to use photo from Alex Smyth

Alex said: “It supported us, as a family, to have a really nice life for almost 30 years and I just wish for it to be as successful for another family – like it has been successful for us.

“I think a lot of people hoped that I would take over and become the shopkeeper that my mum was, but I have got a very young family so for me at this time it is just not feasible.

“In 2019 we put Kandy Kabin on the market and we received six offers, but due to the current economic climate it just was not feasible for a lot of people so unfortunately those offers fell through.

“So, I just thought why not give somebody the opportunity that potentially would never have the opportunity to run their own business.”

Alex set up the Facebook page, Kandy Kabin a chance to win a Commercial Property/Home for just £2.00, to advertise the raffle and has since been inundated with heart-warming stories about her family’s contribution to the community.

She said: “When I started the page up, the amount of beautiful stories that you hear about my mum and dad tells you just how well thought after they were.

“Hearing the beautiful stories and the part that they actually played in the community – that is enough for me to take away from it.

The property is said to be worth £175,000 and consists of a three-bedroom living accommodation at the back of the commercial front.

Kandy Kabin, permission to use photo from Alex Smyth

Alex, and her brother Tom, admit they ‘do not really have a preference’ as to what opens in place of the sweet shop.

She admitted: “What would be beautiful is somebody that would love to run a business and they just have not got the capital to start off, because that would genuinely change someone’s life!

“You could even win it and sell it or win it and rent it – we were there the other week just tidying it up and three people knocked on the door and asked if they could rent it.

“The potential for it is huge and it is literally just a stone throw away from Media City and Salford Quays.

“It is just a mega opportunity for someone and it makes me really excited!”

There are 110,000 tickets available and you can purchase your ticket for just two pounds by clicking this link here.

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