Today is the second day of the Digital City Festival which is now running until the 23rd of April.

This is an online event kept on the Digital City Network platform with live-streamed keynotes, on-demand masterclasses, live Q&As, roundtables and seminars.

Each sponsor in this festival is focusing on a different topics of technology such as, the best use of technology in the education sector, the ‘Cyber security project of the year’ sponsored by HOST or the ‘Digital marketing campaign of the year’ sponsored by MiQ.

There have been many discussions about what’s best to do to keep our businesses alive during the Covid-19 pandemic and they were all focused on the most powerful instrument we had: technology.

The main topic of the festival is all about the digital environment and how technology can be useful for individuals and organisations, hence the motto: ‘Connect, Transform, Grow’.



Speakers like Natalie Lam, Head of Global Sponsorship and Inclusion in Diversity Ambassador or Graeme Park, DJ Producer and Founder of Hacienda Classical and Hacienda Recordings and many others will attend the festival.

Furthermore, multiple sponsors are taking part to this event like Dept, an international digital agency, focused on creativity, technology and reinvention.

Managing Director Brian Robinson said: “Manchester is a hub of entrepreneurial spirit and digital innovation, and the Digital City Festival is the ideal platform to inspire, educate and collaborate.

We’re also using the festival as a launchpad for our upcoming summer internship. Our Head of Design, Adam Bee, will be sharing advice for people looking to launch their career in design, and will be announcing details of our Motion Design internship”.

permission given by Charlie Spargo

Other sponsors, like IoMart, a company which has connections in Manchester, have been involved in the festival since its launch. IoMart has chosen to take part this year as well being a lead sponsor of the event with virtual slot and speaking slots.

Sharon Mars Leach Chief Marketing officer said: “Digital City Festival is a fantastic way to bring people together from different backgrounds and expertise to exchange ideas”. He added: “It doesn’t matter whether you’re the CEO of a global enterprise, a small indy business, a student, the Festival gives us a huge opportunity to learn from each other and to share our knowledge.

“It’s the power of digital technology that has enables the festival to go ahead online despite

permission given by Charlie Spargo

all that’s happened this year and I’d encourage everyone to tune in to the live stream as there really is something for everyone. We are certainty delighted to be playing our part and hope this year’s event proves a huge success”.

Events such as live-streamed concerts, DJ sets, and StreamGM’s talent will showcase the best breakthrough cultural talent and acts from across Greater Manchester.

Martyn Collins, Digital City Festival Director said: “After a challenging year that has affected us all, it is really, truly specialto see this festival come together in the way it has”.

Over the course of the next two weeks, Digital City Festival will bring talks and panels from leading figures in the world of digital. Companies represented include TikTok, EY, ITV, Zip
Co, Hootsuite, Tommee Tippee, UKBlackTech, Deloitte Digital and many more.

If you’re interested in taking part, you can find information on the Digital City Festival’s website.

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