Georgia Padfield Manchester Marathon runner

Georgia Padfield, 25, ran the Manchester Marathon to raise money for PAPYRUS, a UK charity for the prevention of young suicide.

The Salford resident has now raised one thousand pounds for the charity, beating her target of £500.

Georgia said: “I’m so close to one thousand pounds which equates to two hundred life saving phone calls for PAPYRUS, so that is potentially two hundred lives saved.”

PAPYRUS is a charity that Georgia holds close to her, she said: “My first job out of drama school was with PAPYRUS. I was part of their spot the signs campaign. That was the first time I had actually heard of them properly and since then it’s been a charity i’ve held close to me.

“I think if I had known about them a few years before that would’ve been really handy for me as well… Now more than ever people need to know that that service is there.”


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She signed up for the Marathon after accidentally running a half marathon last year.

Georgia said: “Last October I went out for a run one day, and kind of accidentally ran a half marathon. My friend at the time said well if you can do a half marathon in six months, you can do a marathon in 18 months.”

The 25 year old ran the marathon in five and a half hours and has found that going out for a run has also had a positive impact on her mental health.

She said: “I found that just going on a run my mind kind of goes blank. Some people use it as an opportunity to think things through, for me it was the opposite I was looking at my surroundings and I could go into this mode of switch off where I’m just totally almost at peace.

“I just found it really soothing and whenever I got back from a run I would always feel ten times better no matter what.”

According to PAPYRUS physical exercise is proven to have a positive impact on our wellbeing, it improves our mood through the release of the ‘happy’ hormone – endorphins. It also reduces stress and it increases our self esteem.

For more help and support you can visit their website

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