Salford Credit Union

Salford Credit Union has banded together with several other Credit Unions in Greater Manchester this October to celebrate Credit Union Awareness Month in order to promote the value of co-operative groups in the community.

International Credit Union Awareness Day has historically been held on the third Thursday of October since the 1940s; however, Salford Credit Union is one of many that has chosen to extend their efforts over the whole month in hopes of bringing further attention to their cause.

Chief Executive Officer for Salford Credit Union, Sheila Murtagh, pictured above, spoke about why having the whole month long campaign is so advantageous in their goal to make Salford ‘a city of savers’:

“We thought ‘lets have it for a month and get some awareness out’,

“We like to show that a co-operative model is good for people, good for society and good for the economy,

“We love being co-ops, no profits are ripped off,

“We’re only here to serve our members”

The union already has more than 4000 members and over £3 million in savings with its community, but according to them they see that there’s still plenty of room to grow, something that the Covid-19 pandemic has clearly shown:

“I do [think its important] because I think people are struggling,

“In the last year over 500 people have joined us and we’ve given out over 2000 loans”

In order to bring attention to their cause, SCU are challenging social media users to the #howsyourbalance challenge, where participants are encouraged to photograph themselves balancing objects on their person in unique and creative ways:

“We’re trying to get images of people balancing things,

“it’s making it a bit of fun”

More details on Salford Credit Union and what they do can be found at their website,, as well as on their social media accounts:
Twitter: @CUSalford
Facebook: Salford Credit Union

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