The Lancastrian Theatre Organ Trust is hosting a coffee morning, this Saturday with organist Michael Holmes (who has previously performed at the Plaza in Stockport).

Mr David Alldred Trustee at The Lancastrian Theatre Organ Trust says “we hold weekly concerts at one o’clock every Wednesday and on the first Saturday of each month we have a coffee morning, and we invite an organist to do two or three spots where they play popular music.

“The organs are available for anyone to have a go on and refreshments are available.

“We’ve been doing these events for the last 10 years and we are a registered charity and what is made from the coffee mornings all go into maintaining the organs.

Alldred also added: ”We have a few music students who use the organs for practice if the organ is their subject and the room is available for people to hire out if they want to.

“The musicians come along, and it gives them a chance to be in-front of a live audience which is what everyone is trying to get back [instead of] online events and YouTube.

Alldred said that the two organs are ‘totally different’ in what they sound like, and that people can ‘experiment’ with the two organs.

“It’s quite a nice environment it’s fully air-conditioned it’s got 85 seats in the theatre and a small stage where people perform.
“We’ve adapted to covid by providing screens within the catering bar, we’ve got sanitation machines in the hall, and we’ve got automatic taps so that people don’t have to touch the taps. We’re fully up to date with covid restrictions. We were closed down for over 12 months but kicked off again in September, so we were gradually getting back prior to covid.”

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