A new friendship group for over 50s to help combat the isolation of Covid is running every Tuesday  at the Energise Centre in Whit Lane, Salford.

Across the UK, mental wellbeing has suffered due to lockdown and the Covid-19 pandemic.

With many stuck in their homes, isolated and possibly alone, people have craved social interaction and some normality back into their life.

Group member Anne Valleley said: “It was set up by two local volunteers, one of the volunteers retired and after her husband passed away, she was lonely, so she wanted to start a friendship group to get people together and connected.

“It is mainly for over fifties, but we welcome anyone.”

The ‘Friendship Group’ run by the Big Life group has become a great place for people to go out, meet new friends and enjoy different activities with others from 12.30pm to 1.30pm every Tuesday in term time.

The group arranges different activities including games, crafts and even exercises which people can take part in.

Another group member, Julie Lucas said: “It helped massively to form new relationships and we meet as a group socially outside. We’ve made great friends and most importantly we have a laugh and a lot of fun.

“We love coming, we have a laugh, it lifts your spirits and gives us something to look forward to.”

It was also brought up by the group how attending each Tuesday has helped them build a routine back into their lives.

She added: “It helps people to connect, get out of the house, get into a routine and have something to look forward to,

“I look forward to having a chat, making things, playing games and doing chair-based exercises.”

Anyone interested in attending but perhaps feel apprehensive or nervous, can call the friendly staff team on 07776 959872 to find out more about the group.

The Friendship Group runs every Tuesday during the the term time only from 12.30pm – 1.30pm at the Energise Centre.

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  1. Jackie McIntyre

    Just moved to the area. Would like to meet with new people

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