A new Salford Peel Park run has been highly successful since its first event a few months ago.

A total of 1,705 competitors had completed the 5km run by the end of the tenth session on Saturday.

This number is on top of the 140 volunteers at the events so far, as all ParkRuns are run completely by volunteers.

One competitor, Kathryn said: “It’s good for your mental health, good for your physical health.

“I’ve met a lot of people through ParkRun and my children have met a lot of people through junior ParkRun.

“Anybody can do it whether you’re a child or an adult or a pensioner.”

Image of competitors from Peel Parkrun. Image credit: Dan McNeice.

Another runner, Adrian Campbell, spoke highly of the positive social aspect that ParkRun creates, saying: “[it] gets you talking to people, it’s brilliant.”

Adrian also spoke about the camaraderie that the ParkRun brings to Salford, which is something that many other competitors also mentioned.

Mark and Emily Birchall pictured after completing the run. Image credit: Dan McNeice.

ParkRuns are held all around the UK weekly at 9am every Saturday, with Peel Park being one of the newest locations to hold one.

Other ParkRuns in the Salford and nearby area are listed on the map below, information on each of these can be found by clicking on the red icons.

Once the event is finished, competitors have the option of heading up to the Atmosphere café for a post-run warm cup of coffee or tea.

The café is located to the left of the finishing line by the university buildings, and houses a nice view over the park.

Atmosphere café after the run took place. Image credit: Dan McNeice.

Peel ParkRun also runs a weekly ‘run report’ where competitors or volunteers write a piece describing their experience of an event they’ve attended.

These reports contain details such as the weather on the day of the run, as well as the fastest male and female finishers for the given event.

The run reports, as well as all other information regarding the event, can be found through this link on the Peel ParkRun website: https://www.parkrun.org.uk/peel/

Anybody interested in volunteering at the event can contact peel@parkrun.com for opportunities.

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