After a changing of council policy, a street in the new Castle Irwell development will be named after Salford jockey Stan Mellor.

Soon After Mellor died of Alzheimer’s last year, there were calls for a street to be named after him to commemorate his contributions to Salford.

His widow, Elain Mellor, was very happy to hear the news.

She said: “Stan had many successes at Manchester where he always enjoyed riding – not least because he would have huge support from the crowd.”

Mellor was the first jump jockey to reach 1,000 wins, a record that remained unbeaten for 12 years.

He grew up minutes away from the Castle Irwell site, before moving to Cheshire at 15 where he rode professionally.

Not only was the Castle Irwell site formerly the Manchester Race Course, but it was also where he rode his last winner in 1963.

The request for the street to be named after him was put forward by Pendleton and Charlestown councillor John Warmisham.

However, the proposal was rejected because Salford Council rules say a street cannot be named after a person unless at least a decade has passed since their death.

This policy was waived for this case, and developer Salboy is on board with the proposal.

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