In the runup to Christmas you may be feeling anxious about buying Christmas presents for your friends and family, sorting the guest list out and preparing for the Christmas dinner.

But at the Bridgewater Mill in Eccles there is one class that has helped the people of Salford to relieve this anxious feeling. 

Paulo Still is a yoga, dance movement teacher as well as a sound healer meditator. He has been doing this for three years to help the people of Salford feel at ease in their day to day life.

He said: “Sound healing is basically a way to bring the body back into balance through resonance, so the instruments kind of reset the body,

“Even when there is some resistance to the body after so long you automatically surrender because the sound just makes you.”

Through Paulo, you will be guided to relax and release any tension you may be feeling and to accept the sound energy into the body and to promote healing.

Bridgewater Mill, Eccles inside there is the Transcend Studios that holds Sound Healing Meditation and more. Credit Bethany Noon

But what is so special about this class and why can it be such an effective use of meditation?

When asked about this, Paulo said: “It is an extension to meditation, because it helps people who are new to meditation to use the sound and helps them to relax really.”

These classes take place every Wednesday night at 6pm, however due to covid regulations you must book place online. Anyone can join, there are no requirements to this guided meditation.

Welcome to the Transcend Studios in Eccles. Copyright. Bethany Noon

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