Schoolchildren across Salford are at different stages of learning as a result of COVID-19 lockdowns, almost two years on.

Children of key workers attended school and were taught in small groups, whereas other children had to learn from home.

Image credit: Rebecca Platt

Rebecca Platt is a tutor for children in Salford and has noticed the long-term effects of lockdown on her pupils.

She said: “Each individual child’s experience over the last two years has been so different.

“There are some areas in Salford where there is quite a lot of social deprivation, and those students probably won’t have access to private tutors.

“Each child won’t have their own computer to do their at-home learning.”


Facts of the matter

An Ofcom study estimates 9% of children in the UK do not have access to a laptop at home.

Many families had to cope with one laptop between multiple children when learning was remote.



Ordsall has one of the highest levels of deprivation in the UK.

Carla Macfeely is an organiser at Ordsall Juniors FC, a junior football club that helps deprived children in the area.

Carla Macfeely
Image credit: Katherine Dinsdale

She said: “The divide that was already there has been heightened in terms of areas of deprivation and areas that are maybe a little bit more affluent.

“If you aren’t as well educated it’s really difficult to deliver certain lessons to children.”

Her seven-year-old son Leo added: “When you’re in school it’s easier to understand than when you’re out of school.”

Parent’s Perspective

Shawney Clemence has a five-year-old son who attends the football club.

Image Credit: Carla Macfeely

“He’s struggling to read and write.

“He was trying but he really struggled because obviously, I’m not a teacher.”

Over lockdown, parents had to talk their children through curriculums different from when they grew up.

This means that a lot of children missed out on proper teaching at a key stage in their development.

The long-term impact of lockdown on children’s development will become clearer as more studies are released.

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