Restaurants around Salford could be affected by Boris Johnson’s new restriction due to the Omicron variant.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said people have to wear a face mask in a public setting and should work from home where possible.

Working from home can have drastic knock-on effects on hospitality outlets, particularly restaurants serving MediaCity.

An employee at Bella Italia, Roberto Marcos Gomez, said: “Those restrictions like many of the measures he took, they were too late.

“I guess restrictions are not enough if the people are not conscious about what is going on, so I think it should be obligatory for the people to get a vaccine.”

Another employee who works for Bella Italia, Mike Myoni, said that if you do not want to wear a mask you should not be forced.

He further stated that he was not bothered about Plan B even though he has to work in large crowds.

However he said that people who feel unsafe should wear a mask to lower your chances of contracting the virus.



The manager for Chicken Cottage Ali said: “Last time the whole country was affected and even the whole world by Covid 19.

“Covid-19 destroyed the system and everybody was running to save their lives instead of their money and nobody was at work.

“However I do not believe the restrictions are harsh at all because they pretty much just asked us to wear our face masks in public.

“I do not believe another lockdown will happen because it all depends on how many people get the virus and I do not think a lot of people will contract it.”

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