A men’s health worker in Salford who works to restore the confidence of vulnerable older men, warns that another lockdown will “Put them back to square one” 

Held at The Langworthy Cornerstone, Men Web is a project created by Kellie Farrelly-Dwan, which aims to give the older men of Salford a place to relax and chat, as she saw the struggle that older people were going through and there was nothing catered to men specifically. She believes that another lockdown will negatively impact the club and mental well being of its members.

Covid-19 regulations have had a huge impact on the older generations mental and physical health. With illness, isolation and lockdowns, many feel lonely and fear they have no one to turn to. Men Web aim to help those suffering from loneliness.

“A lot of the men who come here, are single, they don’t have families, so we are like the only place they come to”

The community attend organised events which helps them get on their feet and doing something fun and active such as archery and bush craft, recently they successfully completed the I’m a Celeb Challenge with the oldest participant being in his 90s

“Once your over 70, you go back to being a kid again and you’ve got no fear of anything”

During Covid their plans had to change, and the group was moved online, they did a lot of quizzes and hosted magic shows with actual illusionists.

Despite losing the face-to-face contact the group still had each other to learn on and to talk too even if it meant behind a screen

“its being part of a community and feeling like you belong to something”

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