A group of colleagues are aiming to ‘break down the stigma’ surrounding mental health conversations in the hope of changing the way people approach their issues. 

Six employees of software company, IEG4, took on a 5K run across Media City raising hundreds for mental health charity, Anna Freud.

Last Thursday the friends completed a run across Media City after achieving to raise almost £900 to support mental health, which exceeded their expected goal of £500.

Katherine Beswick, Marketing Manager at IEG4, explained the reason why IEG4 run is in support of the Anna Freud charity because of the focus on helping the youth and bringing awareness to mental health. She said: “It’s important that as a society, we’ve got to a point of having those conversations around mental health and we break down the stigma and the barriers.

“That we say: It’s actually okay not to be okay and that is a really important message, and it affects us all.

“We really do want to make a difference and contribute, and we just want to carry that on the momentum, support each other and these charities who signpost and provide access to the services that are out there for people to get the help that they need.

“We are not what you expect out of a software company, and we want to show that both within work and outside of it.”


Katherine said: “So we had a team of all different ages and abilities.

“It was great because the team was made up of people from the marketing department, sales department, the product department, the customer support department.

“So, it really is that sort of collaborative, one team approach.

“In addition to the runners, we also had a colleague supporting us, which was really encouraging. And it was just a really nice atmosphere to be with other people who are wanting to make a difference and make a positive for well-being and physical health.

“This is something that we do, contributing and supporting, but this run will now likely become a regular thing for us.

“After we ran it on Thursday, the adrenaline the boost left us talking about when the next one will be.

“It will be a new part of our commitment to society, to make that difference and contribute.”

Youth’s mental health. By: Mel Cionco

IEG4 is a software company located in Alderley Edge, Cheshire and while its focus is to provide solutions and simplicity to its clients, it also hopes to be a helping hand to any and all communities.

The company has helped in gathering supplies for food banks, clothing banks, and other local charities across Cheshire, due to the closeness and familiarity of the city, they chose Salford as their latest challenge.

After the success of the run, IEG4 hopes to take on more challenges and continue contributing to other different yet important charities.

All donations from IEG4’s JustGiving page will continue to be accepted and received by the Anna Freud charity.


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