In the pursuit of Salford’s best eatery, I believed it was time for an entry from the other side of the world.

Caribbean food has been on a meteoric rise in the UK, and especially Salford, since the Windrush generation of the 1970s.

Despite being in agreement that a full English breakfast is the best cure for the heavy night before it, nothing warms the stomach and taste buds on a cold winter’s day than home cooked food from the heart of flavour, the Caribbean.

Eating with such a diverse palate can be difficult with an allergy but the easy to read menu with allergens displayed and helpful and welcoming staff really make for a great meal.

Located on Lower Broughton Lane just opposite the car wash, the takeaway is open 12-10pm everyday other than Sunday when it closes at the earlier time of 6pm.

Being available on Uber Eats means that you can enjoy delectable Caribbean cuisine from the comfort of your own home.

The Sunrise Food story is one that has taken years to build. The humble food van in 2006 only lasted two years after it became a local favourite and the demand meant they could open their first shop located on Broughton Lane.

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Boasting a vast menu with Caribbean classics like ackee with saltfish, jerk chicken and peppered steak alongside dishes for those less adventurous with both fried chicken and wing meals with a Jamaican twist also available, Sunrise really does have Caribbean food for all.

Jamaican music as you walk in and as the warm aromas hit your nose you could really be in Kingston Town.

I went for classic peppered steak which comes served with jerk gravy and a choice of plain rice or rice and peas which are in my opinion a must-have. My less adventurous friend decided to go with the fried chicken meal also served with rice and peas but pushed the boat out slightly with a side of jerk gravy.

Peppered Steak, Rice and Peas and Jerk Gravy

For a large peppered steak meal and a drink (I would HIGHLY recommend the mango and carrot juice). The total came to £9.99 which with the extremely generous portions is a very reasonable price for home cooked food.

There’s not much to be said about the peppered steak other than wow. Paired with the jerk gravy the warming flavour and smell of the pepper and the meat just falls off the bone, perfect.

Rice and peas might be one of the best side dishes in the world of food and Sunrise has it down to a T, you could genuinely eat it on it’s own and for those on a real budget it’s a great option despite not being on the menu as a side.

The fried chicken is a great twist on a takeaway classic and I must say jerk gravy needs to be available at every takeaway, because the two together are unmissable.

Such high quality food along with a great knowledge and display of allergens make this one of my top places to eat in Salford and certainly in the conversation for the best Caribbean in Greater Manchester.

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