As a coffee enthusiast, I looked forward to trying one of MediaCity’s highest-rated independent coffee shops. 

Grindsmith Coffee is located next to Chipati Cafe at the Garage and is easy to spot because of its beautiful stained glass window.

Credit: Google Street View

On entry, the atmosphere is cosy yet stylish, and the counter is stocked with a range of different cakes and pastries (which all look delicious).

You are greeted when you enter the cafe, which immediately makes you feel welcome.

The staff are friendly and patient when taking your order, explaining the menu and bringing your order to your table.

We ordered two lattes and a pain au chocolate, which looked very aesthetically pleasing together as they were placed down on our table.

The coffee itself was high quality, smooth and not bitter, much better than a standard, chain coffee shop.

My friend, who usually isn’t a coffee lover, said that her latte could convert her from drinking tea, which is high praise indeed.

On to the food, we regretted not ordering from the brunch menu as around us delicious club sandwiches were making us feel hungry.

Other customers seemed to be enjoying the food and empty plates were going back into the kitchen.

The pain au chocolate I ordered wasn’t super fresh as we arrived later in the day but its flavour was really delicious and tasted like it had been made with good quality ingredients.

Dipping it into the latte was definitely the right decision!

On top of the beautiful interior, the cafe had an easy-going vibe despite us visiting after the lunchtime rush.

We sat next to the stunning stained glass and chatted away, not feeling rushed or awkward.

Our coffee date cost £10.45 which is cheaper than chain alternatives.

For the price, the standard of the coffee and food was really reasonable.

It is always good to find a new, affordable coffee shop and if you’re visiting Media City- Grindsmith is a must.

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