After the recent announcement that Salford City would be seeking new ‘strategic partners’, fans have given their reaction on the topic.

The Class of ’92, a group of ex-Manchester United stars who acquired the Ammies in 2014, announced they have launched a process to explore new strategic partners for the club, but that they remain fully committed to the club.

The decision to explore new investment opportunities will split the fans with a debate on what the process means for the club.

Danny Shepherd, 45, who runs the Salford City podcast One Up Front, said: “It’s confusing, not because I don’t understand why they might need more investment, I completely get that, but what I don’t understand is why anybody would want to invest in Salford.”

Shepherd particularly noted the idea that Salford’s chance for investment had passed: “So, I just think if the plan was at a certain juncture to look for outside investment, I don’t think now is the time when the assets of Salford City are at their highest. We’re not on the rise. We’re not a shiny new toy.

“I love the club, you know, but I think we make heavy losses in this division, and we’ve got a small fan base with no sign of it potentially growing very much above what it is, so I don’t understand how that’s attracting to another financial investor.

Salford City

“Contributions I get from people who listen to the podcast, have said that they’ve noticed that the investment in the team has declined over the last 12 months.

“So, a fresh start and a real injection could allow us to maybe progress at the rate that Gary Neville initially thought, which was to get us to the Championship probably in the next few years. That’s the hope, but I think it’s a bit of a dream rather than a hope.”

One fan, James Raffan, took to X and shared similar thoughts on the announcement: “Unsustainable with the current model. Just look at the annual accounts each year. The 92 lads are either unwilling or unable to continue throwing money each year down the drain . Beckham’s latest ‘investment’ has clearly be used up… not many more stupid around to follow suit.” (@seassider on X)

Salford have struggled across their current campaign as they sit 19th on the League Two table. However, they have seen a recent boost in their form since Karl Robinson’s arrival in January, going on an eight-game unbeaten run.

Although, their run did come to an end this weekend after a heavy 5-1 defeat to the league leaders, Mansfield.

Salford now welcome Colchester, who are struggling close to the relegation zone, where they will hope to reconcile their results back to their run prior to the defeat at Mansfield.

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