Author: Yaa Tweneboah

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“I think a lot of people don’t understand the level of physicality required that is why I call it Ballet fitness” – Meet the professional ballet dancer in Salford that is combining ballet and fitness

A former professional ballet dancer has combined ballet and fitness to encourage mental health, holistic therapy, and wellbeing in Salford. […]

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“Salford very much runs through my blood” – Meet the Salford food blogger who has gained thousands of followers in reviewing Salford restaurants

Food, who doesn’t love it? Whether it’s cooked in our own kitchens, or by professional chefs in a restaurant there […]

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“The stigma that comes from art degrees is that all you can do is be an artist” – Fine art students on government plans to limit entry into university courses

The independent regulator for higher education is considering plans to limit the number of students studying creative art degrees and […]