NORTHERN Quarter bar Abel Heywood has delighted all Manchester gin aficionados by announcing their newest competition centred around everyone’s favourite spirit.

“Ginatomy”, which begins on Friday September 30, asks patrons to complete a series of eight gin and tonics before Christmas in order to win their mystery gin hamper just in time for the festive day.

Each purchase of one of the required concoctions will reward you with not only a nice bit of booze, but a specially designed playing card with all the details of your gin of choice.

These cards include information on the tasting notes of the gin as well as the perfect garnish with which to serve the drink.

Once you have collected all eight of the cards, you return your completed set and get entered into the draw to win the hamper.

To run alongside this, the bar has set up different events over the coming weeks with the partner gins including brunch and boardgames, a food pairing evening, and a gin and literature event.

According to creator Olivia Allan it is the perfect idea for those wishing to branch out from their usual Gordon’s: “Ginatomy is designed to help introduce people to gins they may not have thought to try, all with the promise of a chance to win big in the process! It’s very exciting.”

Manchester is a budding hive of gin activity with the opening of Manchester’s own distillery, the Gin Society Festival earlier this month and an upcoming Rochdale Gin Festival in October.

By George McKay

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